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How To Play StringBender Guitar

Tip #1
   Push down on the neck of the guitar to actuate the StringBender.
Don't pull your shoulder up towards your ear.

Tip #2
   It helps to have a guitar strap with good friction. We recommend a nice wide suede guitar strap because it stays put and doesn't slide off your shoulder when you play StringBender licks.

Tip #3
   Use StringBender licks with moderation.

    Signs You're Playing TOO MANY Bender Licks
  • Your band fires the pedal steel player.
  • You only keep one string on your guitar- the B string.
  • You can't remember how you played without a Bender.
Learning how to play B-Bender is easy.
Here's how to get started.
  1. Use a guitar strap. To begin you may find it helpful to stand.
  2. Check out how the Bender feels. Push the guitar neck down and you'll feel a satisfying tug on your guitar strap as the B-Bender is actuated. Now stop pushing down on the neck and allow the return spring inside the B-Bender to pull the guitar neck back to the original position. If you are playing a B-Bender that has been properly set up this move feels very smooth and the B-Bender mechanism is totally silent.
  3. Tune as usual and then actuate the B-Bender and tune the note at the end of the bend by turning the thumb wheel located on the backplate.
  4. Play an A chord in the first position but don't finger the B string. Strum the chord and use the B-Bender to pull the B string note up one full step to resolve the A chord.

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